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Checking in

Here’s our guide on when to arrive at the airport for check-in, where to find your check-in desk and the process for online or self-service check-in.

For all our airlines we recommend that you follow their guidance specifically when checking in at Leeds Bradford Airport.

When to arrive for check in

As a general guide, it’s recommended that you are checked in and ready to head through passenger security at least 2 hours before your flight departure time. 

Please add more time if you have outsize baggage, are travelling with a pet, or need extra help or assistance

Check-in opening and closing times vary by airline so make sure you are familiar with your airline’s policies.

Where to find our check-in desks

There are 2 check-in halls at Leeds Bradford Airport. For flights operated by check-in is in Hall B, for all other operators check-in is in Hall A.

See our terminal map

The online check in process

If you have checked in online and have hold luggage, you will need to use a bag drop. The bag drops can be found:

  • bag drop is located in Hall B 
  • Self-bag drop for Flybe and Ryanair is located in Hall A

When using self-bag drop please follow the on-screen instructions. After weighing the bag, a baggage tag will be automatically printed which you will attach to your bags before placing them on the baggage belt.

If you are travelling with hand luggage only and have a valid boarding card proceed directly to Passenger Security to access all departure gates. Make sure to check your airlines luggage policy as well as security policies applicable to all luggage.

Security will accept mobile or paper boarding passes. If your boarding pass is unable to be scanned, the ticket desks at check-in will be happy to assist you by printing a new boarding card (please note this may be a chargeable service, depending on your airline or their ground handling agent).

Where to make booking enquiries

There are airline ticket desks in both check-in halls to assist you with changes to bookings, general enquiries and ticket or airline information.

See our terminal map

Travelling with pets

The check in process will be different if you plan to travel with your dog, cat or small pet. You should check with your airline before you arrive at the airport for specific rules.